Keep Moving Forward


“So, I just wanted to say, I really appreciate and love all of you. I believe in you all. Do not let your depression make you. Do not let your body define your soul, let your soul define your body. Your mind is limitless. You are worth more than you can believe, all you have to do is dream, and all you wanna do is have the strength to fulfill that dream. Pain is a sign of progress. When you feel pain there’s progress.”



Maybe not many know about this side of X. Maybe you do.

I loved this side of him.

I feel he wanted other to be the best of themselves, through thick and thin, to just keep going. Fulfil that dream. It maybe just a small trip you wanted to go on since a while. Draw that nightmare that’s in your head. Stand up to that bully. Just as out that girl you’ve had a crush on. That career you want to pursue even if your mum thinks it’s not bankable.

A little something about me:

“Are you happy?” is what I’ve asked people. “If you’re not happy, get out” is what I’ve always said. Even though you think that there’s is no possible future in respect to the subject you’re unhappy with. It isn’t worth your peace.

Your past does not define you as long as you learn from it. Learning from your mistakes is good. Not repeating those is even greater.

I’m no saint. I’ve done bad and I was on the opposite end as well. But I’m learning. In this journey of life, I’m still a child. Stumbling. Falling. But I’ve always risen.

I hate who I was, but I’m begining to love who I am.

I will always help, I will always understand.


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